About TEC Endorsement

SAPTA endorses training events companies (TEC's) that comply to ethical practices, make use of competent trainers and who contribute to development of the occupational training industry.


Why Apply for SAPTA Endorsement?

  • Endorsed TEC's receive an SAPTA endorsement certificate;

  • Can use the SAPTA Logo for marketing purposes;

  • SAPTA Certified professional trainers (CPT's) will be encouraged to only work with SAPTA endorsed training companies; and

  • SAPTA will promote endorsed TEC's throughout the SADC Training Industry.

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The SAPTA Traffic Light System...

 red light  

Red Light TEC's...

These companies have proven to engage in unethical practice within the training industry and role players within the industry are requested not to engage with them. Both the registered TEC and there directors are blacklisted by SAPTA. A TEC is awarded 'red light' status where there is a court judgement for non-payment of a SAPTA Trainer or where a TEC has violated a copyright law. SAPTA members who engage with a 'red light' TEC face disciplinary action and possible expulsion from SAPTA.

 yellow light  

Yellow Light TEC's...

These companies have five or more complaints against them from SAPTA members. A complaint will have a one year life span. Yellow light status will be removed as soon as the complaint period expires and complaints drop to below five. SAPTA does not prohibit engagement with a 'yellow light' TEC, but warns to proceed with caution. Trainers who engage with 'yellow light' TEC's are advised to request full payment prior to service delivery.

 green light  

Green Light TEC's...

These companies have been endorsed by SAPTA as reputable and trustworthy training providers. Endorsed companies futhermore undergo an annual SAPTA audit to ensure that they maintain ethical practice within the training industry. Business with such companies are encouraged and professional trainers can engage with them at low risk.


 The Application Process:

  1. Applicant completes the TEC application form and submits such to the SAPTA Office Manager;

  2. The office manager will ensure that the document is adequitely completed and that all attachements are relevant and in order;

  3. The application is then submitted to the SAPTA TEC Endorsement Committee;

  4. The Committee will, on behalf of SAPTA, approve or disapprove TEC endorsement status to a applicant;

  5. On approval the SAPTA Office Manager will list the TEC on the SAPTA web site as an endorsed traning company, whereafter the TEC can use their endorsed status for marketing purposes; 

  6. Successful TEC's will receive a SAPTA certificate and TEC endorsement number, from which point onwards the applicant will receive the benefits that accompany a TEC endorsement status.

tec application process


Download the TEC Endorsement Application


Appeal Against Decision:

Where the applicant TEC is dissatisfied with a decision pertaining to their TEC endorsement application, they have the following appeals remedy:

  1. Complete the prescribed SAPTA TEC Endorsement Appeals form;

  2. Submit the appeals form to the SAPTA office manager, who will submit such to the TEC Endoresment Committee;

  3. Where the matter cannot be resolved between the applicant TEC and the endorsement committee, the appeal is forwarded to the SAPTA National Board;

  4. The SAPTA Board's decision on the matter will be final and binding.

Duration of Appeal:

  • The TEC Endorsement Committee has three sittings per annum. The appeal will be dealt with on their next sitting immediatly after receipt of the appeal;

  • The SAPTA Board has four sittings per annum. The appeal will be dealt with on their next sitting immediatly after receipt of the appeal.

Download the TEC Appeals Application Form


Prerequisites for TEC Endorsement:

To be endorsed by SAPTA requires a rigorous assement process followed by an annual audit. Prerequisites for SAPTA endorsement are as follows:

  • Must be in the training provision business for two or more years;

  • Prove ehtical practice within the training industry;

  • Not be SAPTA blacklisted;

  • Indicate willingness to suport and develop the SADC training industry; and

  • Only make use of reputable professional trainers.

tec endorsement


Complaints Against TEC's:

It is the mission of SAPTA to develop and support the training industry, thus SAPTA will investigate all complaints against TEC's. In order to lodge a complaint against a TEC, the complainant must be a registered SAPTA member. SAPTA will only investigate complaints that are submitted via a official complaints form.

Download the TEC Complaints Form


TEC Application Forms

Following are the various application forms used for the endorsement of professional training companies (TEC's).

Forms are in MS Office format must be downloaded and forms in PDF can be completed electronically and then saved .

To download / save or open simply click on the template...


Application Documents for Endorsement of Training Events Companies (TEC's):


SAPTA TEC Endorsement Committee Reports (only for committee)


Complaints against a TEC:


TEC Committee Chairperson

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Adv. Ettian Raubenheimer

21 November 2015 to current

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Primary Governance Documents

SAPTA's Primary Governance Documents, in ranking order, are as follows:

  1. SAPTA Manifesto

  2. SAPTA Code of Ethics

  3. SAPTA Constitution

  4. SAPTA Master Scorecard