SAPTA governance is guided by various official documentation. These documents are divided into two categories, namely Primary and Secondary Governance Documents. It is the primary function of the SAPTA Board of Directors to establish and maintain these documents and to govern via the guidelines as presented in these documents.

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Primary Governance Documents:

  1. The SAPTA Manifesto

  2. The SAPTA Code of Ethics

  3. The SAPTA Constitution

  4. SAPTA Master Scorecard (not to be publically published)


Secondary Governance Documents:

  1. Membership Policy

  2. Membership Procedures

  3. TEC* Policy

  4. TEC* Procedures

  5. Financial Policy

  6. Administrative Procedures (awaiting approval)

* TEC = Training Events Companies


The SAPTA Manifesto

Our Manifesto is a founding statement, which describes our basic philosophy, defines our mission, objectives and values, provides a environmental context and explains our professional trainer body of competence (PTBoC).

The manifesto lays the foundation for all other governance documents.

The SAPTA Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics is a clear description and definition of our values. It regulates our behaviour in terms of our ethical identity, our core values and our guiding principles. 

The SAPTA code of ethics is a compulsory element of the SAPTA PTBoC and before being certified as a CPT, candidates will be tested on this document.

Our Constitution

The SAPTA Constitution is a governing guide for the Board of Directors. The Boards actions and decision-making power is dependent on constitutional rules.

Futhermore the constitution authorises our policies and procedures and provides foundational definitions for the effective functioning of SAPTA.

Our Master Scorecard (not publically available)

The SAPTA Master Scorecard primarily hosts the SAPTA Vision, strategic objectives and core processes for the Board of Directors period of appointment.

The scorecard is structured as such that strategic achievement is scored every year, thus the Board can measure its effectiveness on a annual basis. Due to its confidential nature the Master Scorecard is not published on this web site. 

Membership Policy

The SAPTA Membership Policy regulates membership application, certification and benefits.

Primarily the policy governs catogories of membership, prescribed body of competence (PTBoC), member benefits and fees, CPT Certification, CPT provider approval, and continued professional development.

Membership Procedures

The SAPTA Memebership Procedures give specific process guidance to elements of the membership policy.

Specifically, the procedure prescribes actions for membership application, CPT certification, appeals, disciplinary procedure, database management, legal assistance, CPD points, provider appointments and audits.

TEC Policy

The SAPTA Training Events Companies (TEC) Policy aims to ensure that SAPTA freelance CPT's and the training market work with reputable training companies.

The policy governs the endorsement and audit of TEC's.

TEC Procedures

The SAPTA Training Events Companies (TEC) Procedures give specific guidance to elements of the TEC policy.

Specifically the procedure prescribes actions for application and apporoval of endorsement, annual audit process and blacklisting of non-reputable TEC's. It also presents a scorecard for endorsement approval.

Financial Policy

The SAPTA Financial Policy establishes guidelines for developing financial goals and objectives, making financial decisions, reporting the financial status of the organization, and managing the organizational funds.

Administrative Procedures

The SAPTA Administrative Procedures give guidance to procedures and processes which is not specifically governed by a policy document.

Issues dealt with here are meeting minutes, meeting management and other issues not dealt with in specific policy documents.


SAPTA Board of Directors

thumb derek

SAPTA President:

Mr. Derek Hendrikz

thumb charles cotter

SAPTA Vice President:

Mr. Charles Cotter

thumb silma koekemoer

SAPTA Treasurer:

Ms. Silma Koekemoer

 thumb nomvula moloko

SAPTA Board Secretary:

Ms. Nomvula Moloko

thumb ettian raubenheimer

SAPTA TEC Committee Chairperson:

Adv. Ettian Raubenheimer

thumb marjon meyer 

SAPTA Stakeholder & Liaison Committee Chairperson:

Ms. Marjon Meyer

thumb man pic

SAPTA Kwa-Zulu Natal President:

Dr. Sunjay Lutchman

thumb rolf kunhaust

SAPTA Western Cape President:

Mr. Rolf Kuhnast

thumb adolph kaestner 

SAPTA Gauteng Chapter President:

Mr. Adolph Kaestner

thumb graeme lategan

SAPTA Eastern Cape Chapter President:

Mr. Graeme Lategan

thumb mutaru

President's Council Chairperson:

Mr. Muctaru Kabba