The Board represents SAPTA members (shareholders) and have the following responsibilities...

  • Overall governance of SAPTA in line with our Manifesto. Code of Ethics and Constitution;

  • The development and execution of SAPTA strategy;

  • Establishment and maintenance of policies & procedures;

  • Oversight of SAPTA structures and bodies; and

  • Public representation of SAPTA and its members.



A full SAPTA Board consists of two Councils:

  1. A Governance Council; and
  2. An Operational Council.

The SAPTA President is futhermore supported by a Presidents Council, altough this council does not officially form part of the Board.

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The SAPTA Governance Council...

This council consists of:

  • The President;
  • The Vice President;
  • The Treasurer; and
  • The Board Secretary.

The SAPTA Governance Council meets four times per annum, of which two meetings is with the full Board. The SAPTA Governance Council is tasked to oversee financial stability, and work with immediate apointments and general governance of SAPTA.


The SAPTA Operational Council:

This council consist of:

  • Regional SAPTA Presidents;
  • Executive Sub-Committee Chairpersons; and
  • Chairperson of the Presidents Council.

The SAPTA Operational Council meets two times per year with the SAPTA Governance Council and is tasked in dealing with matters of strategy, policy, procedures, structures and bodies.


Members of the Board


  SAPTA Operational Council

 thumb ettian raubenheimer

 Adv. Ettian Raubenheimer

 SAPTA TEC Committee Chairperson

 Appointed 21 November 2015

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