Following is a registar of the various forms used for the effective administration of SAPTA.

Forms are in MS Office format must be downloaded and forms in PDF can be completed electronically and then saved .

As default, first point of submission will be to the SAPTA Office Manager.

To download / save or open simply click on the form...


 SAPTA Code  Form  Category  Format
 SAPTA 01  Associate Application  Membership  PDF 
 SAPTA 02   CPT Application  CPT Certification  PDF 
 SAPTA 03   CPT Scorecard  CPT Certification  MS Excel
 SAPTA 04  SAPTA Oath  CPT Certification  PDF
 SAPTA 05  Preferred Provider Application  CPT Certification  PDF 
 SAPTA 06  Preferred Provider Scorecard  CPT Certification  MS Excel
 SAPTA 07  Provider Statement of Authenticity  CPT Certification  PDF 
 SAPTA 08  CPT Certification Committee Report  CPT Certification  PDF 
 SAPTA 09  CPT Legal Assistance Application   CPT Certification  PDF 
 SAPTA 10  CPT Appeal Application  CPT Certification  PDF 
 SAPTA 11  CPT Annual Update  CPT Certification  PDF 
 SAPTA 12  Employer / Customer Record of CPT Competence  CPT Certification  PDF 
 SAPTA 13  TEC Endorsement Application  TEC Endorsement  PDF
 SAPTA 14  TEC Scorecard  TEC Endorsement  PDF
 SAPTA 15  Training Quotation  CPT Templates  MS Excel
 SAPTA 16  Transport & Expenses Calculation  CPT Templates  MS Excel
 SAPTA 17   Trainer Booking Form  CPT Templates  MS Word
 SAPTA 18  Service Level Agreement  CPT Templates  MS Word
 SAPTA 19  Tax Invoice  CPT Templates  MS Excel
 SAPTA 20  Attendance Register  CPT Templates  MS Word
 SAPTA 21  Evaluation Form  CPT Templates  MS Word
 SAPTA 22  Learner Registration Form  CPT Templates  MS Word
 SAPTA 23  Training Certificate  CPT Templates  MS Word
 SAPTA 24  Training Report  CPT Templates  MS Word
 SAPTA 25  Member Information Update  Administration  PDF
 SAPTA 26  Committee Reccomendations  Administration  PDF
 SAPTA 27  Office Manager Provider Declaration  Administration  PDF
 SAPTA 28  Appeal Against TEC Endorsement Decision  TEC Endorsement  PDF
 SAPTA 29  Complaint Against a TEC  TEC Endorsement  PDF
 SAPTA 30  Complaint Against a SAPTA Member  Administration  PDF