I am greatly humbled and honoured to be elected in the position of SAPTA President.

But it is important to note that the journey here involves numerous people who have supported the SAPTA mission and cause from its conception. In this regard, I offer my sincerest gratitude to the other co-founders of this unique and prodigious organisation for this great honour.

The professional industry has gained immense momentum during the last two decades. It is currently estimated that organisations spend more than 135 Billion USD on occupational training worldwide. Yet, with all the money made and despite a rising need for professional occupational training, the professional trainer is still not regarded as a professional. Moreover, freelance professional trainers are not even listed as a top earning career, even though South African companies are prepared to pay up to R10 000 per delegate per day for workshops presented and facilitated by such trainers.

When thinking of professional people, we think of doctors, accountants or lawyers, but certainly not of occupational trainers. In fact, there is constant debate over what we are called. It seems we constantly have to fit into someone else’s box.

We are called facilitators, coaches, education, learning and development practitioners, and many other things.

Yet, the reality is that we have been preparing people for various occupational fields long before Kurt Lewin and Carl Rogers popularised the term facilitator, or long before the concept of HR was even a thought. It was occupational trainers who taught Hebrew slaves how to build pyramids in the time of Moses, who taught factory workers how to make shoes during the industrial age and who gave commissioned officers knowledge of battle during the Second World War.

It is the aim of SAPTA to claim professional status for this noble and critical profession. Moreover it is the mission of SAPTA to provide organisational support, structure and development to professional occupational trainers within the SADC region.

SAPTA is a professional body for trainers run by trainers. In this regard I call on all professional occupational trainers to not only join SAPTA, but to become involved with SAPTA. We need every single member to help us build this influential collective. We have a board, executive committees, regional chapters, networking and development events. These are all run and managed by our own members.

Get involved - we need you!!! 

As president I commit to abide by the SAPTA code of ethics and diligently preserve our mission whilst insistently driving our strategic initiative.

Derek Hendrikz

SAPTA President:

November 2012 – Current

SAPTA President

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Derek Hendrikz

SAPTA Board of Directors

November 2012 to Current