SAPTA has a primary task of establishing a community of professional trainers. Our regional chapters satisfy this community creation need in that it clusters together professionals form the training industry in networking and developmental activities. Yet, it is not a requirement to be a professional trainer to be part of a SAPTA Chapter community. Any person can join SAPTA as an associate member, which will automatically give you membership to a Chapter. Chapter networking and development events are fantastic opportunities to minge and link with trainers, HR Manager, Training Events Providers and other industry rile players...


The Primary Function of a Regional Chapter

  • To create a local SAPTA community of professionals within the occupational training industry;

  • To run at regular networking and development events in the region; and

  • To advise, support and develop professional trainers within the region.


Networking & Development Events:

The aim of SAPTA networking and development events is to provide a number of experiences to our members where they can network, meet other professionals within the training industry and learn something in the process.

During these events we provide top quality development by bringing world class speakers to our members.

These speakers will mostly present topics that directly relate to development in line with the SAPTA PTBoC.

Moreover, the networking opportunities that our events provide are often priceless.

Upcomming Networking & Development Events


Why join a SAPTA Chapter?

  1. Often, more than 50% of any professional trainers work come from referrals. If people do not know you, they cannot refer you!

  2. Best practices are developed through experience. By developing networks within your profession, you are mining best practice knowledge.

  3. Development is a ongoing process from which you can never retire. SAPTA bring their members world class development at no cost...

  4. The professional status that any profession has depends on the loyalty and influence of the association which represents such profession. Chartered Accountants, Medical Practitioners, Advocates of Law, Engineers are all professions where professionals have strong loyalty to the association that represent them and in turn such associations influnce the environments in which they operate to the best benefit for their members. Regularly attending SAPTA networking and development events is any members opportunity to get involved with SAPTA, the institution that best represents the profession within which they operate.


SAPTA Chapters:

Currently SAPTA has established the following Chapters...

  1. The SAPTA Gauteng Chapter;

  2. The SAPTA Western Cape Chapter;

  3. The SAPTA Eastern Cape Chapter; and

  4. The SAPTA Kwa-Zulu Natal Chapter.


Start a SAPTA Chapter:

To start a SAPTA Chapter, contact the SAPTA President, Derek Hendrikz, directly.

Contact Derek



SAPTA Gauteng Chapter President

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