SAPTA offers legal assistance to freelance Certified Professional Trainers (CPT's) who have not been paid by Training Events Companies (TEC's).

Such payment could be due to...

  • Failure to pay for a service rendered; or

  • Failure to pay a cancellation fee.


Nature of Legal Assistance:

  • It must be noted that it is not the primary purpose of SAPTA to collect or recover unpaid fees on behalf of a CPT.

  • However, the SAPTA precribed legal assistance process will enable the CPT to recover money owed.

  • The reason for SAPTA legal assistance to CPT's, is get unethical Training Providers or Organisations blacklisted, thus warning the training industry not to engage with such company due to their unethical practice against CPT's. We thus aim to facilitate their exit from this industry.


The Legal Process:

  1. The complaining CPT submits a legal assistance application form, together with all supporting documentation, to the SAPTA office manager;

  2. The SAPTA office manager checks wheter all documentation is in order and in line with SAPTA procedure and then consults with the relevant SAPTA Board Member;

  3. The relevant SAPTA Board member will then advise to either mediate or to obtain judgement from a court of law;

  4. The SAPTA office manager will then, in writing, inform the organisation under investigation and the complaining CPT of the complaint and of the action to be taken;

  5. In cases where judgement is seeked, the SAPTA Office Manager submits the documentation to the approved SAPTA attorney;

  6. Our attorney submits a letter to the defndant, requesting him / her to resolve the matter. The defendant will have ten days to respond;

  7. Were no responce is receved or where the defendant does not offer a resolution, our attorney will refer the case to a court of law, where judgement against the defendant will be seeked;

  8. In case where judgement is obbtained, SAPTA will proceed to blacklist the TEC and its directors on our web page, and will warn role players in the training industry not to engage with the blacklisted TEC and / or its Directors.


How to Claim Legal Assistance:

In order to claim legal assistance for non-payment, the CPT must submit the following to SAPTA Office Manager:

  • Legal Claims Application Form;

  • Contract between contracting organisation and trainer. Altough not compulsory, SAPTA has the following prescribed forms in this regard:

  • The invoice that was forwarded to the contracting customer. (See SAPTA 19 -Tax Invoice)

  • Any e-mail correspondance between trainer and contracting organisation.

Download the SAPTA Legal Assistance Application Form


General Notes on Legal Assistance:

  • Appart from the legal claims application form, all above documentation are not compulsory, but submission of all above documentation will enure the approval of SAPTA legal assistance.

  • The assessment by SAPTA's approval of legal assistance will depend on the likelyhood of securing a court judgement against the defendant.

  • The legal process and financial approval of such is only open to SAPTA Certified CPT's who have no outstanding membership fees.

  • Where any other SAPTA member has a court judgement against an unethical organisation, then SAPTA will blacklist that organisation, provided that proof is provided that the judgement was for non payment for services rendered as occupational trainer. In such cases the trainer has paid for the legal services by him / herself and will provide proof of the judgement to SAPTA. SAPTA will only blacklist and will not give any financial assistance in this regard.


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