Certified Professional Trainers (CPT) certification is the highest form of SAPTA membership and involves a rigorous process where the applicant has to prove competence against the SAPTA PTBoC.


SAPTA Receives NO Direct Applications:

SAPTA does not receive any direct applications for CPT certification. The application process has been outsourced to approved providers, who will submit fully completed applications to the SAPTA CPT Certification Committee.

Members have to complete their CPT applications and then submit it to an approved provider of their choice, who will assess their application before submitting such to SAPTA.

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The Application Process:

It is important to note that only registered SAPTA associate members may apply for CPT certification.

  1. Applicant completes the CPT application form and together with the signed SAPTA Oath, submits to an approved provider of his / her choice;

  2. The selected provider assesses the application via a CPT Assessment Scorecard and makes reccommendations to the applicant. Such reccommendations could include training, mentorship, etc.

  3. Where the application is fully compliant, the provider will, on behalf of the applicant, submit such to the SAPTA CPT Certification Committee. 

  4. The CPT Certification Committee will make a final decision on the application and will on behalf of SAPTA approve or disapprove CPT status to a applicant.

  5. The CPT Certification Committee will forward approved CPT applications to the SAPTA Office Manager for administrative purposes. 

  6. Successful canditades will receive a SAPTA certificate and CPT certification number, from which point onwards the applicant will receive the benefits that accompany CPT status.

cpt application

Download the CPT Application Form


Appeal against decision:

Where an applicant is dissatisfied with a decision pertaining to his/her CPT application, he/she has the following appeals remedy:

  1. Complete the prescribed SAPTA CPT Application Appeals form;

  2. Submit the appeals form to the service provider who was contracted to facilitate the submission;

  3. Where the matter cannot be resolved between the applicant and the provider, the appeal is forwarded to the SAPTA CPT Certification Committee;

  4. Where the CPT Certification Committee cannot resolve this issue, the appeal is handed over to the SAPTA Board, who's decision on the matter will be final and binding.

Duration of appeal:

  • The provider will have 10-working days to remedy the matter;

  • The CPT Certification Committee has three sittings per annum. The appeal will be dealt with on their next sitting immediatly after receipt of the appeal;

  • The SAPTA Board has four sittings per annum. The appeal will be dealt with on their next sitting immediatly after receipt of the appeal.

Download the CPT Appeals Application Form


Prerequisites for CPT Certification:

In order to be certified as a CPT, the applicant must be assessed as compitent against the SAPTA PTBoC. Summarised, these prerequisites are as follows:

  • Minimum of 2-years experience as occupational trainer;

  • Proven subject matter expertise;

  • Proven application of prescribed training methodologies;

  • Knowledge of the training process and training research and materials development.

CPT Process

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Signing of the SAPTA Oath:

No member will be admitted to the CPT circle without taking the SAPTA Oath. This oath must be signed and submitted together with the CPT application. Where Capters are established in the residential area of the CPT, such Chapter will begin their quarterly networking and development event with a 'Taking of the SAPTA Oath' Ceremony.

The SAPTA Oath basically entails:

  1. Committment to the SAPTA Mission and Objectives; and

  2. Abidance to the SAPTA Code of Ethics.

Download the SAPTA Oath


CPT Certification Committee


CPT Certification Committee Chair Person

Derek Hendrikz


CPT Certification Committee Member

Melinda White

thumb francois lichtenstein

CPT Certification Committee Member

Francois Lichtenstein


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CPT Certification Committee Member

Gert Oberholster