Reason for Being...

In establishing the Southern Africa Professional Trainers Association (SAPTA), the primary principle was to create a community of professional occupational trainers who will support and develop each other.

Further to this, our community would include all occupational trainers within Southern Africa.

With occupational training, we imply people who are in the profession of training employees with the aim of ensuring organisational effectiveness. With Southern Africa we imply all countries within the SADC region.

For this mission to manifest, we assume four primary tasks, which are...

  1. Creating and maintaining a professional trainers community;

  2. Being a certification body to professional trainers;

  3. Pressurising the training environment to use SAPTA trainers; and

  4. Develop and support this community.


Our Strategic Presuppositions:

  1. That the occupation of professional training is a noble one and a profession that should demand respect from the environment within which it operates.

  2. That occupational training always was, currently is and always will be a crucial and non-replaceable part for organisational effectiveness.

  3. That it is meaningful for occupational professional trainers to associate with each other in order to regulate the occupational training industry.

  4. That there is and always will be a strong need for the regulation of the professional training industry.

  5. That the primary competencies of any professional trainer is firstly being a knowledge expert, secondly being a training methodology expert and thirdly being experienced in both.

  6. That our primary task as guardian and regulator of the training industry implies a primary function of ensuring that the people who train other people within organisational setting must be able to do what they set out to do in the field of training. We do this by firstly certifying their knowledge expertise and methodological ability and secondly by ensuring that they have sufficient application knowledge of the training industry and its various components.

  7. That although the regulations regarding occupational training will change from country to country and from year to year, the basic principles of training are universal and will be valid in any region and within any century.

  8. That the internalisation of a collective value system will ensure a family culture and professional conduct amongst trainers.

  9. That standardised processes will unite and strengthen the training industry.


Internilising our philosophy...

To ensure and preserve our 'trainer community' philosophy, we internilised our behaviour and actions via various governance documents.

These documents are divided into primary and secondary governance documents.

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SAPTA President

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Dr Joyce Mingard

SAPTA Board of Directors

April 2018 to Current

Primary Governance Documents

SAPTA's Primary Governance Documents, in ranking order, are as follows:

  1. SAPTA Manifesto

  2. SAPTA Code of Ethics

  3. SAPTA Constitution

  4. SAPTA Master Scorecard


Secondary Governance Documents

SAPTA's secondary governance documents are our policies and procedures as listed below: