Who is SAPTA?

The Southern Africa Professional Trainers Association or SAPTA in short, is a non-profit, Section 21 Company, registration number 716053716, established purely for the benefit of the professional occupational training community within the SADC region. 

SAPTA was established during 2013 and is run by trainers for the benefit of trainers. We are a professional community who strives to achieve professional status for all trainers in the Southern Region of Africa.

In a nutshell, we ensure professional training by developing and supporting professional trainers.

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SAPTA's Mission and Objectives:

We ensure professional training and support professional trainers throughout Southern Africa by...

  1. Creating a community of professional trainers;

  2. Regulating and quality assuring the standards for professional trainer certification;

  3. Pressurising the institutions and agents who make use of professional trainers to only contract SAPTA Certified Professional Trainers; and

  4. Supporting and developing professional trainers to ensure the highest possible performance when executing their task.

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Our Values:

  • We practice one of the oldest professions and therefore the PROFESSIONALISM that we demonstrate when doing what we do is not negotiable.

  • We prescribe and regulate a very well defined and specific body of knowledge. The COMPETENCE of professional trainers is therefore our business.

  • We will not under any circumstance compensate or negotiate our mission and values, we will earn trust of our environment through being trustworthy, and therefore our INTEGRITY is to us what matters most.

  • Our associates are our FAMILY whom we support, assist, develop and look out for.

  • We are thoughtful and considerate towards our members and associates, we accept and enhance our differences and mostly we RESPECT our industry and the people who create and maintain it.

  • We are the custodian of professional standards and practice in the training industry and we demonstrate this STEWARDSHIP through a service that is beyond comparison.

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Our Environment...

Professional Trainer...

A person who’s profession entails intervention-based development, through the application of training methodologies with the aim of enhancing performance within a specific occupation or within a specific organisational setting and who spends more than 60% of his or her time on such activity.

Primary characteristics of a Professional Trainer...

  • Knowledge expert

  • Training methodology expert

Southern Africa...

Trainers in the SADC Region (Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe)


A not for profit body that represents the interests and professional status of occupational trainers within the SADC region.


about sapta 

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Governance Structures:

Ultemately, SAPTA is governed by its mission statement. All SAPTA action is, without exeption, based on our mission and primary objectives.

In terms of members, SAPTA's highest authority stucture is its Board of Directors, which consists of a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer and four Executive Board members. This is a total of seven board members. 

Much of the boards reponsibility is delegated to specialised committees, such as the CPT Certification Committee. These committees are an extension of the Board and execute their task with authority from the board. 

Yet, the board and its committees do not have open mandate. SAPTA's behaviour, actions and direction is guided by primary and secondary governance documents. Our primary governance documents consists of a Manifesto, a Code of Ethics, a Constitution, and a National Strategy. Our secondary governance documents consist of policies and procedures in Membership, Training Events Companies (TEC's), Finance and Administration.

The first of our primary objectives is to create a community of professional trainers and the fourth of our four primary objectives is to support an develop profesional trainers. Nodal to the achievement of these objectives is the SAPTA Regional Chapters. Our Chapters is where rubber meets road. A SAPTA Regional Chapter has four functions, namely (1) to establish a governance structure (Chapter President and four Chapter Committee Members); (2) to recruit associate members; (3) to encourage and guide CPT membership; and (4) to run at least four Networking & Development Events in the Chapters region. Networking and Development Events are run at no cost to our members.

Lastly, there is the day to day administrative issues which must be dealt with. For this SAPTA has a Office Manager. Our office manager is responsible for daily administrative matters such as invoicing, issuing of certificates, database management, enquiry assistance, membership benefits management, etc. All actions of the office manager are guided by SAPTA Policy and Procedures.


sapta governance structure

View the SAPTA Governance Documents



SAPTA has two membership types, namely associate membership and CPT (Certified Professional Trainer) membership. Before applying for CPT status, the applicant must be registered as an associate SAPTA member. 

There are no prerequisites for associate membership, any person can join, provided that the annual membership fee is paid. CPT registration is however quite a rigorous process and applicants who apply will have to prove competence against the SAPTA PTBoC.

Although CPT registration is the highest form of SAPTA membership, many people choose to stay associate members. These members often have a interest in the training industry, but do not necessarily practice as full time profesional trainers. Such members would be HR managers, Training Company managers, etc.

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SAPTA Board of Directors

thumb derek

SAPTA President:

Mr. Derek Hendrikz

thumb charles cotter

SAPTA Vice President:

Mr. Charles Cotter

thumb silma koekemoer

SAPTA Treasurer:

Ms. Silma Koekemoer

 thumb nomvula moloko

SAPTA Board Secretary:

Ms. Nomvula Moloko

thumb ettian raubenheimer

SAPTA TEC Committee Chairperson:

Adv. Ettian Raubenheimer

thumb marjon meyer 

SAPTA Stakeholder & Liaison Committee Chairperson:

Ms. Marjon Meyer

thumb man pic

SAPTA Kwa-Zulu Natal President:

Dr. Sunjay Lutchman

thumb rolf kunhaust

SAPTA Western Cape President:

Mr. Rolf Kuhnast

thumb adolph kaestner 

SAPTA Gauteng Chapter President:

Mr. Adolph Kaestner

thumb graeme lategan

SAPTA Eastern Cape Chapter President:

Mr. Graeme Lategan

thumb mutaru

President's Council Chairperson:

Mr. Muctaru Kabba